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Pilot Information - Ballyboy Airfield Fly-In, May 28, 2023

By attending this year’s event, you are supporting our local St. Vincent de Paul in Athboy – thank you!

It is essential that all movements are performed in a planned and safe manner.  We rely on pilots to be part of our safety system, so compliance with the guidelines below is important.

It is only through managing movements in the air and on the ground in a coordinated manner that we can ensure the safety of all visitors.   Please visit our Pilots Notes Page for overall guidance and orientation on the airfield. There may have been changes since your last visit, in particular the addition of the hard runway and taxiway usage, and we also have guidance on procedures to reduce noise in the area so please familiarise yourself with these before setting out.

Pilots are asked to please note the following:

  1. All movements are at pilot's discretion.

  2. Please text your registration, aircraft type, point of origin, pilot in command and ETA to +353 86 2385553.  

  3. Please call Ballyboy Radio (which is an air/ground service only) on 118.55MHz at least five miles out for joining information. 

  4. On initial call, please advise registration and aircraft type. We will provide you with runway in use and information on known traffic where possible. This is an information service only – you retain responsibility for separation and to follow the correct procedures

  5. For noise purposes, please try to avoid directly overflying houses in the vicinity of the airfield and in particular the areas highlighted on our Pilot Notes document

  6. All circuits and activity should be to the south of the airfield, noting the requirement not to overfly the  Hill of Ward as marked on our pilot guidance document.

  7. There is a public event involving animals taking place at Causey Farm, Fordstown, which is 4km northwest of the airfield.  Please avoid all overflight of this area.

  8. You have the option of the grass or hard surfaces on 11/29. Please advise your intentions but our preference is to use the grass where it suits your aircraft type (although the choice of runway is yours).

  9. Note that the concrete path and taxiway which cross the grass runway are fully blended with the grass and form part of the runway.  Also please only enter/exit the hard runway either at Taxiway A or as may be directed by the marshallers as the runway edges are not fully blended with the grass at all points. 

  10. You will be directed to your parking location by marshallers. Parking will be primarily to the north of the runway and adjacent to the Runway 11 threshold. There is no further requirement to talk to Ballyboy Radio but please keep a listening watch on 118.55 until you shut down. 

  11. If overflow parking is opened to the south of the runway, there will be one runway crossing point which will be signposted and manned. This is the only point at which the runway should be crossed and only when confirmed safe to do so. Please do not attempt to cross the runway at any other point.

  12. Please sign your aircraft in and out at the control point in the hangar area.

  13. When ready for departure, please return to your aircraft via the runway crossing point. There is no need to call for start-up but listen to the frequency after start-up. The marshallers will direct you to the exit of the parking area. Once ready to enter the runway, please call Ballyboy Radio for information advising your registration, aircraft type and position on the airfield.

Thanks for visiting and enjoy your day!

Please note that this is a fly-in event only and general public access will not be possible on the day. 

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