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Pilot Information - Ballyboy Airfield Fly-In, August 4th, 2019

By attending this year’s event, you are supporting Down Syndrome Ireland, which will receive all proceeds – thank you!

Each year we have between 50 and 80 aircraft visiting and up to 1,000 visitors arriving by car and foot.   It is essential that all movements are performed in a planned and safe manner.  We rely on pilots to be part of our safety system, so compliance with the guidelines below is important.

It is only through managing movements in the air and on the ground in a coordinated manner that we can ensure the safety of all visitors. This year, we will again be implementing some specific procedures for those visiting by air, all of which we hope will add to the safety and enjoyment of all present.

Pilots are asked to please note the following:

  1. Check our Facebook page on prior to setting out for Ballyboy. We will update this to confirm the airfield is operational, which you can assume confirms you have PPR to visit. If possible, please text your registration, type, point of origin, pilot in command and ETA to +353 (0)86 2385553.  If in any doubt or unable to check Facebook, please call us on +353 (0)87 2563070.

  2. Pilots are requested, where possible, to avoid transiting the Dublin Control Zone by coasting-in at Bettystown/Drogheda and routing towards Navan if arriving from the Irish Sea or remaining west of the zone if arriving from the south en route to the fly-in.  

  3. Dublin Information is available on 118.50MHz. Note the listening squawks of 2655 for traffic monitoring Shannon Information on 127.50MHz and 0401 for aircraft operating close the Dublin Control Zone and monitoring Dublin Information on 118.50mHz and not requiring an air traffic control service.  Dublin ATIS information is available on 124.530MHz.

  4. Please call Ballyboy Radio on 118.55MHz as you approach Kells, Trim, Navan or Athboy Town for joining information. Standard overhead join at 1,500’ QNH for a left hand circuit onto Runway 29 or a right hand circuit onto Runway 11 are preferred.  For those non-radio, please phone in advance for guidance.

  5. On initial call to Ballyboy Radio, please advise registration and aircraft type. Ballyboy Radio is an air/ground service only. We will provide you with runway in use, the Dublin QNH pressure setting, an estimate of the wind at the airfield and information on known traffic where possible. This is an information service only – you retain responsibility for separation and to follow the correct procedures.

  6. The runway will be marked. The areas to the left and right of the runway will be mown, please identify the runway markers on your approach and ensure you line up with the runway. Note that the concrete path which crosses the runway close to the 11 end is fully blended with the grass and forms part of the runway.

  7. You will be directed to your parking location by the Follow-Me Aircraft Marshallers in orange hi-viz vests. Parking will be to the south of the runway, with the entrance opposite the hangar area, and overflow parking adjacent to the Runway 11 end. There is no further requirement to talk to Ballyboy Radio but please keep a listening watch on 118.55 until you shut down. If your aircraft or anyone on board has any special requirements for parking or access, please let us know in advance and we will try to facilitate this.

  8. Once you have secured your aircraft, feel free to look around the aircraft park for a while before making your way to the runway crossing point.

  9. Please sign your aircraft in and out at the control point at the entrance to the parking area.

  10. There will be one runway crossing point which will be signposted and manned at all times. This is the only point at which the runway should be crossed and only when confirmed safe to do so. Please do not attempt to cross the runway at any other point.

  11. On arriving landside, you will be given a pass/stamp to allow you return to your aircraft during the day, although we would appreciate you keeping such runway crossings to a minimum.

  12. Between 2.30pm and 3.30pm, an air display lasting approximately 40 minutes will be held during which time the aircraft parking area will become a restricted area for safety reasons. Access to aircraft will not be permitted and no spectators will be permitted on the southside of the runway. Arrivals and departures will be suspended during this period so please arrange your flight accordingly.

  13. There may be other brief periods where use of the runway may be restricted, e.g. helicopter movements and model aircraft displays. These will be advised on the day but should only be for brief periods.

  14. When ready for departure, please return to your aircraft via the runway crossing point. There is no need to call for start-up but listen to the frequency after start-up. The marshallers will direct you to the exit of the parking area. Once ready to enter the runway, please call Ballyboy Radio for information advising your registration, aircraft type and position on the airfield.

Thanks for visiting and enjoy your day!

For airfield information, click here

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