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Ballyboy Airfield has had some upgrades recently and it is important that all visitors and pilots are briefed on revised procedures to be followed below, specifically in relation to :

  • Apron

  • Taxiways

  • Runway usage

  • Airspace procedures

Please note our preferred circuit pattern includes specific variations to normal circuit procedures which all pilots using the airfield must be aware of. Please ensure you are familiar with these procedures before operating at Ballyboy and follow this guidance when deemed safe for you to do so with due regard to weather conditions and any other safety-related considerations you may have. If you have any doubt about conditions or your capabilities, please follow standard circuit pattern procedures.

At all times please fly in a manner to minimise the impact of aircraft noise on our neighbours.

Remember to make clear radio calls on 118.55 at all relevant points of your flight and taxiing.

Helicopter movements should also follow these procedures where applicable, in particular using the same approach and departure paths as outlined for fixed wing aircraft in the document below.  

Visitors are very welcome subject to PPR on +353872563070.


Please review the following document to ensure you are familiar with the operating procedures at Ballyboy

Ballyboy Airfield Pilot Notes

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