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Private Flyer Fest 2024

The 2024 Pilot Flyer Exhibition is being held at Ballyboy n Friday April 5 and Saturday April 6, 2024. Full details can be found at Private Flyer Fest Ireland.


Due to the surface conditions and continuing poor forecast, the airfield will be closed for all arrivals by air on Saturday April 6. This includes those for whom arrival slots were issued. 

VISITORS BY ROAD PLEASE NOTE: Due to recent rain, the car park at Ballyboy has become unsuitable for parking. Vehicles should park at Causey Farm (EirCode C15 P83R), 5 minutes from Ballyboy Airfield, offering a fully concrete car park. A free Park & Ride service is being provided to all ticket holders attending the show.   Patrons should not park on the roads near the airfield.

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Pilot information - Private Flyer Fest at Ballyboy Airfield, April 5/6 2024

The Private Flyer Fest 2024 will be held at Ballyboy Airfield on Friday April 5th and Saturday April 6th.  This is a show designed for pilots and those with an interest in aviation equipment. A golf-related event will also take place.   

Rain has significantly reduced the amount of aircraft we can accommodate due to flooding of the aircraft parking and maneuvering areas. All pilots MUST obtain a briefing PPR on +353872563070 before setting out for Ballyboy even if an arrival slot has been booked.

Due to the conditions and continuing poor forecast, the airfield will be closed for all arrivals on Saturday April 6,


All activities forming part of the Private Flyer event come under the responsibility of the event organisers, details of whom can be found at The event will take place at the hangar and apron areas of the airfield, which will be separated from the airfield operating area on the event days.

Please note there is no flying display associated with this event, and no aircraft manoeuvring between the static display area and the active runway will be permitted during public hours.

During the two days of the event, facilities at the airfield will be restricted to ensure the safety of all attending and visiting.  We rely on pilots to be part of our safety system. It is only through managing movements in the air and on the ground in a co-ordinated manner that we can ensure the safety of all visitors. We will be implementing some specific procedures for those visiting the event by air, all of which we hope will add to the safety and enjoyment of all present.

Pilots intending to visit by air should note the following in particular:

  • Arrival slots have already been booked via the Event Organisers on and, in order to effectively manage our aircraft parking spaces, any further requests will be provisional only. Aircraft arriving without an arrival slot may be refused permission to visit.

  • Runway 11/29 Grass will not be available during the event.

  • All movements will be on Runway 11/29 Hard which is 600m x 12m with turning pads of 18.4 m at each end.

  • Access to/from Runway 11/29 Hard is via Taxiway A only unless directed otherwise by radio or marshallers.  It may be feasible to exit 11/29 Hard directly onto the grass at certain locations but strictly under guidance by marshaller only. Please exercise caution if entering / exiting the runway directly from / to the grass surface.

  • After landing, please exit the runway and follow the guidance of marshallers to your parking location. Based on characteristics, certain aircraft will be directed to a parking area to the west of Taxiway A with the majority going to the parking area on the northern perimeter of the grass runway, east of Taxiway A. Please taxi on the north side of 11/29 Grass.

  • Access to Jet A-1 and Avgas will be restricted during the event. Please aim to visit using round-trip fuel where possible.

  • Aircraft visiting directly from an airfield outside the state must advise Irish Revenue and Customs via the General Aviation Report form, details available at

Pilots are asked to familiarise themselves with our airfield information by reviewing the document linked at the top of this page, in particular the preferred circuit joining, approach and take-off procedures and parking locations. Pilots are asked to avoid overflying residences in the area and also the stables at the Hill of Ward.  Your understanding of the procedures in this document will be assumed prior to your arrival. 

Please call Ballyboy Radio on 118.55MHz as you approach Kells, Trim, Navan or Athboy Town for joining information. Please remain at 1,500’ QNH or above until established in the left hand circuit pattern onto Runway 29 or a right hand circuit onto Runway 11 are preferred. Please do not descend below 1,500’ QNH until joining on your crosswind leg.  Be aware that traffic ahead of you may need to turn and backtrack on the runway after landing. 

On initial call to Ballyboy Radio, please advise registration and aircraft type. Ballyboy Radio is an air/ground service only.  We will provide you with runway in use, the Dublin QNH pressure setting, an estimate of the wind at the airfield and information on known traffic where possible. This is an information service only – you retain responsibility for separation and to follow the correct procedures.

After landing, you will be directed to your parking location by the marshallers in hi-viz vests.  Parking locations are illustrated in the information document linked above.

Once you have secured your aircraft, please proceed to the event entrance, at all times maintaining awareness of aircraft manoeuvring in the area. The Event Organisers will have a ticketed entrance accessible from the aircraft parking area.

When ready for departure, please return to your aircraft via the Pilot Access point. There is no need to call for start-up but listen to the frequency after start-up.  Access to the runway will be via Taxiway A with a backtrack to the 11 or 29 threshold or as directed by R/T or Marshallers. Please note the runway width is 12m with turning pads at both ends.  When ready to taxi, please call Ballyboy Radio advising your registration, aircraft type and position on the airfield.

Upon departure, following the noise-abatement procedures in the Information document would be appreciated.

Thanks for visiting and enjoy your day!

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